Women’s Health

A woman’s health at any age is vitally important to living an active and vibrant life. Community Memorial is here for YOU at every step on YOUR exciting journey!

Our Services:

Annual Well-Women’s Check-up

Reproductive Health

Breast Care – Mammography

Bone Density

Cardiovascular Health

Heart Burn & Digestive Health

Menopause Health



Women’s health services are available at the following locations:

Cazenovia Family Health Center
(315) 815-1430
Dr. Jocelyn M Morin

Munnsville Family Health Center
(315) 495-2690
Dr. Kerri Taylor

Morrisville Family Health Center
(315) 684-3117
Dr. Sunny Nelson
Marla Smith, NP

Waterville Family Health Center
(315) 841-4184
Marla Smith, NP

Hamilton Family Health Center
(315) 824-4600
Paula Welsh, NP
Cindy Marshall, NP