Physical Therapy

Patient-focused for maximum results

Physical Therapy Services at Community Memorial Hospital offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient physical therapy treatments for a wide variety of diagnoses including medical, musculoskeletal, orthopedic and neurological conditions conditions, including:

  • post-operative care
  • sports and occupational injuries
  • joint pathologies
  • neurological disorders
  • balance/gait abnormalities


Our treatment philosophy

  • emphasizes an individualized plan of care.
  • is patient-focused, working one-on-one with patients with an emphasis on the return of routine function and maximizing rehabilitation.
  • includes involving the entire staff in tailoring programs to a patient’s age and ability with hands-on care as an integral component of each treatment plan.
  • successfully utilizes close communication with other members of each patient’s health care team.
  • is relaxed and encouraging¬† with “You’re doing great,” heard repeatedly.


Education is key to our patients’ high rate of success.

  • We take the time to teach patients the nature of their injury and what they can do to help themselves recover and prevent re-injury.
  • We treat the whole person, not just a diagnosis, meaning the psychological needs that accompany physical challenges also are addressed to provide a positive, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere.
  • Our staff actively engage in continuing education to ensure knowledge of current best practices.

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