Patient Stories

Lorraine Kaimal

I have just been through six sessions of therapy with Sally Vetter. I found her the perfect coach, giving me both challenges and encouragement, and sometimes catching me before I took a tumble.

I found your PT department a contrast with other PT experiences I have had. In one place the therapist would show me the moves, say “OK, do thirty more,” and walk away. But, Sally was with me all the time -- it made a difference in how I did those moves.

So, thank you for providing a really helpful experience for me.

John Robinson

Most of the visits to the CMH Emergency Department over the 50 years of my life have been for injuries and stitches. However, in my most recent visit, I walked in with some signs and symptoms of a heart attack. The staff on duty paid attention to detail, gave immediate response and the professional Patient Centered reactions likely save my life.

Within a very short time (less than an hour), Dr. Jastremski and his team had me diagnosed and transported to Crouse Hospital where I received a stent four hours later. I was discharged in a few days and was ready to return to work across the road at Colgate University – less than five days after I entered your doors in very bad shape.

Please express my profound thanks to everyone that helped me and my family through that very scary and possibly far more traumatic moment in my life. Your folks put the Com in Com-munity and Com-passion.

I hope I never need you services for anything more than stitches again, but I have a renewed appreciation for the fact that we are so lucky to have such a great healthcare facility in our community. Thank you and all of your employees, and God bless you all and all who enter your doors.

Mary Milcetic

From July 27 through August 10, I was a patient in the Swing Bed program at your hospital. The quality of care that I received during this time was incredible. The nurses made me as comfortable as possible and assisted me with any and all of my needs. I would expect this at most hospitals, but your nursing staff (just to mention some names: Nicole, Kathy, Star, plus the others whose names I can’t remember) went above and beyond typical nursing care. I was treated with dignity and respect, and a genuine caring for my emotional and physical needs. Encouragement, empathy for my situation, humor and hugs were part of the everyday equation that helped me deal with my condition. Your group of nurses was exceptional!!

I also wanted to commend the Physical Therapy staff as they demonstrated kindness, encouragement, and gentle pushes to help me get stronger in my quest for better mobility.

Dr. Jeffers and Dr. McDonald visited me, listened to my concerns, and ensured that my medical needs were a priority. I have to add that Dr. Jeffers was my primary physician and I consider her to be an outstanding doctor who is able to balance the many needs of a patient with solid medical advice.

I was also impressed with Polly Barhite (Swing Bed Coordinator) who worked so meticulously behind the scenes. She insured that my transition into the Swing Bed Program and then my transition to home status were flawless. If I had a concern, she researched it, and the problem was solved. Her organizational skills, as well as her interpersonal skills were certainly a benefit to me.

Overall I must say that I was very fortunate to have been placed in the Swing Bed Program. On behalf of the people who cared for me, I want to extend my deepest appreciation.